Saturday, December 2, 2023

The 25 Bargain Buys of Xmas: Day 2

Much of my calendar year, every year, is spent sifting through record store bargain bins, estate sales, etc. and digging into the acquisitions. I win some and lose some, but I never write about it on AuxOut even though it accounts for a huge portion of my listening and discovery. In honor of the season of presents, I am celebrating some of the gifts bestowed upon me by the record gods during 2023.

Donovan - Fairy-Tale LP $2. 
I'm a big fan of Don's psychedelic pop sorcery (Wear Your Love Like Heaven was a majestic bargain bin discovery some years ago) but I had never bothered to dip into his preceding folkie, "I am English Dylan" phase. Perhaps unsurprisingly, that era is also damn good, based on this record anyway. Don's rendition/arrangement of the traditional "Candy Man" fuckin' slays! Literally one of the best songs I heard in 2023.

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