Saturday, January 20, 2018

Sea Moss - Bread Bored [Crash Symbols]

After grabbing my first Crash Symbol at a local cassette retailer (a nice tape by French cruisers Exotic Club) this cassette by Portland, OR duo Sea Moss showed up in the mail a day later, along with a banger by Charles Barabé and Ratkiller. I guess the universe just has my back sometimes.
I'm still a Crash Symbols neophyte but from the few I've heard it seems like they hop around between different sonic territories without skipping a beat which is certainly a favorite quality to find in a label.
The sonic territory Sea Moss fits into is pretty easy to peg in my mind. The duo of Noa Ver on electronics and voice and Zach Agostino on drums would have nestled in quite nicely among early 00s Load Records jammers like Lightning Bolt, Neon Hunk and Friends Forever. So anyone yearning for those simpler days ought to give Bread Bored a whirl pronto.
Sea Moss is at its best when Agostino's grooves swing thick and heavy as on the opener "Diurnal Enuresis" or the dance floor-filler "It's Pudding Time!" building a sturdy, funky trunk for Ver to provide some leafy color to with her electronic whatzits. Ver's heavily distorted and (I'm pretty sure) wordless voice forms the spine of much of her contribution in the duo as in the middle of "Wanna Sea a Trick?" but with her hands on home-made oscillators as well that's hardly the extent of it. Her electronics pump and pulse with abandon and at times it seems like they may be processing the drums as well. "Sea Section" kicks off a kind of Skin Graft-y skronk-punk vibe that seems to balance the three elements with relentless percussion, quivering synth melodies and feverish exhalations finding equal footing.
When it ends, Bread Bored's got me reaching for that Black Pus/Foot Village LP for another dose to keep the party going.
This isn't a criticism per se, but I will note that the tape is not particularly dynamic in its production or composition. Bread Bored sounds like Ver and Agostino doing their thump 'n squelch routine in real time in a dark, moist room somewhere in the Pacific Northwest--the kind of environment where moss thrives, no doubt. There's no studio wizardry here, bedroom or otherwise. The tape's designed to give you a hearty jolt of what it's got and nothing more, and considering Sea Moss is in and out in twenty minutes they do their job mighty well. File this one under the "In the Mood to Jam!" section of your library.
There is one (that's right! one!) copy left for sale so if you're interested hit up Morgantown's finest outpost without delay.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme 2.0: Episode #3

Finally the long, long, long delayed episode 3 is up. This was put together months ago before catching on a technical snag that I couldn't get resolved before the holidaze hit home. The tunes sound even better in 2018 though.

On tonight's episode: whiz bang clatter and profound speech patterns. Enjoy!

"Realistic Binaural Haircut" Steve Flato Simulation of Another Thing [Tape Drift, 2016] (CDr)
"Sunken Wounds" German Army Diaspora of Intolerance [Dub Ditch Picnic, 2017] (2xCD)
"Communication" Charles Barabé Avant-Garde Avorton Romantique/Transrational Suite [Crash Symbols, 2017] (CS)
"Safari, Church Style ('I, the People, Cut Into Squares')" Me, Claudius Reasons for Balloons [Dinzu Artefacts, 2017] (CS)
"3 Points (excerpt)" Bent Pyramid Trio Split with Shouts from the Sea [Eiderdown, 2016] (CS)
"Side A (excerpt)" Bent Spoon Duo Fossils of Slumber [Holy Cheever Church, 2009] (CS)
"Mmória Doç (Intro)" Zarabatana Fogo na Carne [A Giant Fern, 2015] (CS)
"......" Invasive Species Invasive Species [No Label, 2017] (CS)
"Side B (excerpt)" Red Horse Red Horse [REL, 2009] (LP)
"Oliva #92/Oliva #121" Francesco Covarino Olive [Thirsty Leaves, 2017] (CD)
"C" Addleds Mottle [Weird Ear, 2013] (CS)
"Record Collecting" Joe Bussard No Title [No Label, ????] (CS)

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