Sunday, March 1, 2009

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme #38 (3/1/09)

“I Hear the Vibrations” Wooden Shjips Vampire Blues/I Hear the Vibrations (7”) [Sick Thirst 2008]

“More From the Mountain” Wooden Wand More From the Mountain (7”) [Woodsist 2007]

“Fields of White Stretch Eternal” Antique Brothers Sons of Winter (CD-r) [Abandon Ship 2009]

“Youth” Treetops Permission/When I was Younger (LP) [Arbor 2008]

“Old Spy” AFCGT AFCGT (LP) [Uzuaudio 2008]

“Gemini Harm” Droughter Young Harm (CS) [Abelian Groups 2008]

“What are Ants Like” Horse Boys Horse Boys (CS) [OSR Tapes 2008]

“Side B” Warmth Paradise Found in Dirt (CS) [Abandon Ship 2008]

“Horse” Love Tan Love Tan (7”) [Sweet Rot 2008]

“(charcoal twins)” Robert Millis 120 (CD) [Etude 2009]

“Untitled” Stonedwall Jackson Shamrock (CS) [Faux-Pas/OSR Tapes 2009]

“Last Holiday” The Instruments Last Winter We Didn’t Sing (CD) [Thor’s Rubber Hammer 2009]

“Silent Something” Caldera Lakes Caldera Lakes (CS) [Deathbomb Arc 2008]

“Untitled” Do Tell Sewn to the Current (2xCS) [Housecraft 2008]

“Trim Deep” Caboladies Earth Canal (CD-r) [Students of Decay 2008]

“I Don’t Deserve Dessert” LA Lungs LA Lungs (CD-r) [Debacle 2008]

“Death Has No Imperfections” Arklight Welcome to the NHK Wasteland (CD-r) [Little Fury Things 2008]

“Language & Movement (excerpt)” Blood on Tape Language & Movement (CD-r) [Reverb Worship 2009]

mp3: Part 1 Part 2

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