Friday, March 20, 2009

Boy+Girl/Sunken Landscapes – Split [Closet Sorcery]

This tape arrived unannounced awhile back, actually sent to my old address but thanks to the miracle of mail forwarding the sounds still met my ears (USPS doesn’t suck all the time after all!) Know nothing about this label other than its based in Florida and it seems like they’re into the noisier side of life.
Boy+Girl’s side is an exceedingly hyper freak noise affair. Kicking off with oddly shifting/sauntering keyboard/guitar melodies and without warning it morphs into a glitched out rager, with screaming dude and all. There’s a push and pull between mellower, melodic-ish passages and breakcore-like noise assaults, at least until it changes into a folk tune with cool ephemeral tape manipulation laid on top. Shifting back to a lurching, crunchy percussive loop for a bit that gets bent and repurposed into another rhythm before getting straightened back out. Totally cool effect. Aggressive, pulsing synth lasers begin firing in all directions and we’re driven back into intense, incensed glitched vocal noise territory. I like that Boy+Girl doesn’t move full force through the whole track but explores interesting, calmer areas within the context of manic noise which keeps me interested to see where the track goes next.
On the flip side Sunken Landscapes takes control of the ship. This side is a nice foil for B+G’s side, it has the same lo-fi noise vibe but takes its time and moves with broader strokes. The track is built on really short stuttering loops and the fragments of guitar and molten feedback loops rise and fall throughout the duration until about halfway through when everything drops out leaving a squeaking oscillation. Things get heavier after this, piling on layers of distortion and engaging in plenty of signal manipulation before returning to the short percussive loop from earlier in the piece. A new piece starts up with a barely audible drone and a loop of a single guitar note. The volume is inflated and the noise gets squiggly with some vocal stuff buried in there somewhere—could be live or a sample, I can’t tell. Not quite as thoroughly exhilarating as the previous side, but it’s a good side nonetheless.
The edition of 22 tapes is surprisingly sold-out. It looks like Closet Sorcery rolls that way, only putting out editions of 20ish tapes and selling them for super cheap. So if this stuff sounds interesting you better watch this label/these artists pretty closely to be one of the lucky 20. Maybe there’s a stray copy in a distro somewhere though that seems doubtful.

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