Sunday, March 15, 2009

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme #40 (3/15/09)

“Untitled” Julian Lynch Born 2 Run (CD-r) [Buffalo Songs 2009]

“Noticeably Unpleasant” Ultra Bonbon Bad Breath (halitosis) (CS) [Bonbon Bruises 2009]

“Ghost Repeater” Locrian Drenched Lands (CD) [At War With False Noise/Small Doses 2009]

“Dog/Happiness” Cheveu Cheveu (LP) [S-S 2008]

“Power Ballad” Child Pornography She’s Got Legs (CD) [Deathbomb Arc 2008]

“The Same but Better” Handglops Ronk Ng Rool (CD) [Gulcher 2009]

“Got No Life” Fag Cop Complete Shit Vol. 1 (7”) [Eat 2008]

“Thousand Hearted” KRGA Thousands (2x3” CD-r) [Debacle 2008]

“Cross Cattle Queen” Maths Balance Volumes Lower Forms (LP) [No Label 2008]

“Untitled” Grand Lungs Bad Breath (halitosis) (CS) [Bonbon Bruises 2009]

“Untitled” Xiphiidae Transresonance Formation (CD-r) [Stunned 2009]

“Another Day, Another Beer” CJA/Smokehouse Whiskey & Freedom (CS) [Abandon Ship 2007]

“Carpool Lane” The Hollywood Squaretet Nice Tets (CD) [Roulade 2009]

“Untitled” Heat Wilson Shamrock (CS) [Faux-Pas/OSR Tapes 2009]

“Toshiba #2” Caldera Lakes Caldera Lakes (CS) [Blackest Rainbow 2008]

“Side A” Greyskull Greyskull (CS) [Tanzprocesz 2007]

“Lonely Magic” Burnout Warcry White Noise Vol. 2 (CD-r) [Dynamo! 2008]

mp3: Part 1 Part 2


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look forward to hearing some of these tracks!

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