Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme #39 (3/8/09)

Dull Knife came in for an interview and simply killed it with two jams, so thanks goes out to Adam and Garek for coming on the show. Check it out!

“Helium Rug” Family Underground Helium Rug (LP one-sided) [DNT 2008]

“Ocean Music” Ironing Nassau (CD-r) [Hymns 2009]

“I Talk With Telepathy Baby” Outer Spacist The Mind is as Outer Space (7”) [Columbus Discount 2009]

“I Often Dream I am Drowning” Anemone Lodge Anemone Lodge (CD-r) [Bezoar Formations 2008]

“Untitled” Pump Kinn & Don Virgin Passwords (LP) [Weird Forest 2007]

“Side A (excerpt)” Samara Lubelski Quartet (CS one-sided) [Sloow Tapes 2006]

“Baby Doll Shake” Arbitron New Arbitron Jeremy (CD-r) [No Label 2008]

“Untitled” Bearses The Prettiest Girl I Ever Saw (3” CD-r) [Hymns 2008]

"Rib of his God" Secret Abuse Bored Fortress Series Split (7") [Not Not Fun 2008]

“Mama, Wrap My Coffin in the A.I.D.S. Cuz It's Cold in Hell” Gay Beast Disrobics (LP) [DNT 2008]

mp3: part 1 part 2

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