Sunday, February 22, 2009

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme #37 (2/22/09)

"For Naguib Mahfouz" The Hunter Gracchus Sacred Object of The Yiye People (LP) [Chironex 2008]

"Thru the Legs of Ilgausgus" Night of Pleasure Fuck Vinyl (CD-r) [No Label 2008]

"Twins" Bromp Treb Twins (7") [Breaking World/Yeay!/Apostasy 2008]

"Straw Hat 1" Sean McCann Midnight Orchard (CS) [Roll Over Rover 2009]

"Amps into Instruments" Locrian Rhetoric of Surfaces (CD) [Bloodlust! 2008]

"Feather Duster/Belonging Pit" Blue Shift Ghost Singers 3 (CS) [Breaking World 2008]

"Brown Cloud/Magic Dragon" Chaostic Magic Phantasmagoria (CD-r) [Debacle 2008]

"Clubtraxxx I-III" Foot Village Fuck the Future 2 (CD) [Gilgongo 2009]

"The Great County Fair" Ugly Husbands The Faith of the Family (CS) [Roll Over Rover 2009]

"Pan Shamanic" Kabyzdoh Obtruhamchi Kabyzdoh Obtruhamchi (CS) [Stunned 2008]

"Disco Cloud" Forrest Friends Forrest Friends (CD-r) [Debacle 2008]

"Rockers" Fossils from the Sun The Living Mixer (CS) [Peasant Magik 2008]

"Side A" Hairmaiden of the Totem Robe Lured to the Ground (CS) [Housecraft 2008]

"Lord of the Trees" Transcendental Manship Highway Lord of the Trees (CD-r) [Carbon 2008]

mp3: Part 1 Part 2


The Monocle said...

hey! what's your address? i want to send you some tapes.
also check out:

Auxiliary Out said...

Hi Frank. Killer. I couldn't find an email address for you so send me an email and I'll send you back my address.