Saturday, February 21, 2009

Auxiliary Out is a Drag Radio Programme #1 (2/15/09)

Special show with Jeremy, host of the killer The World is a Drag radio show (saturdays 9am-11), filling in for me. Thanks Jeremy.

“Side A” Yellow Swans Yellow Swans/Gosling Bored Fotress Split (7") [Not Not Fun 2007]

“Did You Expect the Gods to Tread Lightly When They Came Among You?” Caldera Lakes Caldera Lakes (CS) [Accidie 2009]

“Poltergeist Palm” Naked on the Vague Poltergeist Palm (7") [Skulltones 2008]

“Lantern Pt. 2” Youth of the Beast Lantern (7") [Arbor 2008]

“Dreamland in Machineland” The Geeks Dreamland in Machineland (7") [S-S 2003]

“Jungle Cat” The Pink Noise Dream Code (LP) [Sacred Bones 2008]

“Wave Yr Flag (Books on Tape Remix)” Big A little a Bipolar Bear/Big A little a Split (7") [Kill Shaman 2007]

“It's Not a Perch” Hair Friend Arbitron/Hair Friend Split (2xCS) [Real Fake Tapes 2008]

“Sinking” AFCGT AFCGT (LP) [Uzuaudio 2008]

“Pizza Time” Ducktails Ducktails (7”) [Breaking World 2008]

“Why Pharaoh Hanged the Baker” Gang Wizard God-Time-Man Universal Continuum Calibration Disc (LP) [Green Tape/Lost Treasures of the Underworld/olfactory/Tanzprocesz 2008]

“Mt. Josephet” Starving Weirdos Absolute Freedom (7") [Abandon Ship 2008]

“Untitled” Fabulous Diamonds Fabulous Diamonds (LP) [Siltbreeze 2008]

“They Broke the House” Stress Ape 42012 (CS) [Hard Scrabble Amateurs 2008]

“XX Spectrum” Black Orphan Circuits (7") [UFO Dictator 2008]

“Shitstorm Trooper/Way It's Gotta Be” Nice Face Can I Fuck It? (CS) [Jerkwave 2008]

“See Inside/Inside Out” Factums Factums (7”) [Pollymaggoo 2008]

“Drum Like Devil” CAVE Hunt Like Devil/Jamz (LP) [Permanent Records 2008]

“Binding Feet” Circuit Des Yeux XXperiments (LP) [Die Stasi 2008]

“Wild (Chip) Munks” Black Pus Black Pus 1 (CD-r) [No Label 2004]

“Apple Orchard” Cro Magnon Cro Magnon (7") [Bruit Direct Disques 2008]

“Freezing Styles” Blank Dogs Mirror Lights (CS) [Drone Errant 2008]

“Baby Talk” The Suspicions The World's Lousy With Ideas Vol. 3 (7") [Almost Ready 2008]

“I am a Girlfriend” Nobunny Love Visions (LP) [Bubbledum 2008]

“Live in Seattle” GHQ GHQ/Ex-Cocaine Bored Fortress Split (7”) [Not Not Fun 2007]

mp3: Part 1 Part 2

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