Sunday, February 8, 2009

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme #36 (2/8/09)

“Side A” Futuresport Virtual Eye (CS) [Avocado Jungle 2008]

“Inventions on Carmen Burina’s Fantasy” Mike Tamburo White Noise Vol. 2 (CD-r) [Dynamo! 2008]

"Xaoh" Trash Dog Buddha (CS) [Deathbomb Arc 2008]

"Deliveries on Sunday" Arklight Villain Got Uzis (CD-r) [Cloud Valley 2009]

"Tiger Woods' Teeth" Embarker Embarker (LP) [Malleable/Send Help 2008]

"Ancient Druid Origins" Wether Split with Vestigial Limb (CS) [Heavy Psych 2008]

"It's True" Nobunny Love Visions (LP) [Bubbledum 2008]

"Side B" Slasher Risk Shoe Mania (CS) [Abandon Ship 2009]

"Untitled" Uneven Universe Nightcrawler Walls (CS) [DNT 2008]

"Untitled" Schurt Kwitters Schurt Kwitters (CS) [Open Mouth 2007]

"Creeping Cloth Roadway" Sparkling Wide Pressure Seven Inside and Out (CS) [Stunned 2009]

"Incapable of Flight" Hunted Creatures The Failure of Human Instinct (CD-r) [Dynamo! 2008]

"I'm a Little Betty (For Guitars and Cellos)" Josh Beyer White Noise Vol. 2 (CD-r) [Dynamo! 2008]

"Home No More" Caldera Lakes Caldera Lakes (CS) [905 Tapes 2008]

"Side B (excerpt)" Albero Rovesciato Ancient Shining Drums of the Covered City (CS) [Stunned 2009]

mp3: Part 1 Part 2


Anonymous said...

Good idea. You have to update the playlist on your blog, and I have to listen to your show on fucking myspace - lame!!

Anonymous said...

Oh and thanks for playing Trash Dog! Iowa City in the house.

Auxiliary Out said...

Hey, thanks for listening!
This is actually just because the radio station website is down but maybe I'll do this from now on so I don't leave the myspacers hanging.

Auxiliary Out said...

Yeah man, Trash Dog is rad shit!

Anonymous said...

This Slasher Risk tape is great!

Auxiliary Out said...

Totally! Seeing them live must be an experience. The live jam on that tape is just so massive and crushing. So cool.

Albany Sonic Arts Collective said...

sparkling wide pressure - excellent stuff! killer show, as always drew.