Monday, October 15, 2007

Pocahaunted – Emerald Snake on Ruby Velvet [Not Not Fun]

A little while back I was having a conversation with a friend about Pocahaunted. We were both fans, we always enjoy stuff we hear by them but what we were really discussing was the standard Pocahaunted framework (i.e. two chords repeated ad infinitum and vocal coos and moans). This framework has served them well thus far, but at this point it seems to be inhibiting their potential (could you imagine how awesome they would sound if there was some big glorious change in chord progression every so often?). So seriously, days after we had that convo the Phaunts dropped this little baby. It was sold out in an instant like all their stuff, but it’s still worth noting even almost two months after its release.
While Pocahaunted has yet to work in a third chord, their overall aesthetic has been given an update. The most obvious change here is the steady dubbeats supplied by Bobb Bruno (of Goliath Bird Eater and Bobb Bruno). The repetitive drum pattern is hypnotizing, like traditional Pocahaunted but in an entirely different way. It’s actually somewhat reminiscent the drums (sample?) in “Gates of Ballard” by Sunn o))). Anyway, back to the whole hypnotic thing; this isn’t Portishaunted or nothing (ha?) but the dubbiness actually really works well in duo with Pocahaunted’s style because they both go for atmospheric and spellbinding but do it coming from two distinct directions. It’s a mutualist relationship, the beats keep the rest of the track focused and the rest of the track keeps that same drum pattern repeated over and over from getting on yr nerves. So anyway, it’s an unexpected though very welcome addition to the Pocahaunted teepee (tipi?). Elsewhere in the track there is some rad fuzziness, coming from one of the guitars and a bass or keyboard or something, giving the track a much fuller overall sound and richer texture. It also has a bit of a home-taper feel due to a recording bobbles, which is fine in my eyes.
As evidenced by this tiny CD-r, Pocahaunted still have a few tricks up their sleeve which warms my little knife (I hope they expand the scope of their songwriting sometime soon though). And the dang thing comes with fake snake skin sewed on too! As mentioned, it’s sold out, but if you can find it pick it up.

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