Monday, October 8, 2007

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme #1 (10/7/07)

“The Mighty Mississippi” The Cherry Blossoms The Cherry Blossoms (LP) [Apostasy/Black Velvet Fuckere/Breaking World/Consanguineous/Hank the Herald Angel/Yeay!, 2007]

”a-doz-hiel-z” The Skaters Lal Lal Lal Festival Compilation (CD-r) [Lal Lal Lal, 2007]

”Pigeon Church” Gown Evan Miller/Gown Split (CS) [Arbor, 2007]

“Cops Wet Pussy” Deep Jew Bored Fortress Split Series (with Mindflayer) (7”) [Not Not Fun, 2007]

”Guru Femmes” Wooden Wand More From the Mountain (7”) [Woodsist, 2007]

”The Pig That Stood Upright” Medroxy Progesterone Acetate Something in the Weeds (CD-r) [Midwest Death Cult, 2007]

”Untitled 2” Orphan Fairytale Speaking Spooky (CD-r) [Foxglove, 2007]

“Fraha” Softwar Softwar (CD) [Digitalis, 2007]

”Side B” Slow Listener Untitled (CS) [JK Tapes, 2007]

”Undying Glare” Bone Awl Undying Glare (7” one-sided) [Nuclear War Now! Productions, 2007]

”Heart Current” Grouper Cover the Windows and the Walls (LP) [Root Strata, 2007]

”Violent Memory” Robedoor Hopeless Transformation (CS) [Goaty Tapes, 2007]

”Untitled 3” Tent City Cascade Trinkets (CD-r) [Night People, 2007]

”The Fire Sky” Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat An Interlude to the Outermost (CD/LP) [(K-RAA-K)³, 2007]

”Sandwall” Drowner Yellow Swans Drowner Yellow Swans (CS) [Tape Room, 2007]

”Untitled 1” Burnt Hills Cloud Nine (CD-r) [Tape Drift, 2007]

I've posted a link to download an mp3 version of this show. Audacity was being a son of a bitch this week but I finally got a passable recording. I had to chop the show up weirdly (the Slow Listener track got split up, sorry) and there are some volume inconsistencies but overall it sounds okay. I've got another program I'm gonna try using for next week's show, so hopefully I'll fair better then. Thanks for your patience.

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme #1 (mp3)


Anonymous said...

Yes, it'd be great if you could upload an mp3. You've come up with some great recommendations lately, and I'm keen to hear your show (from the UK).

Auxiliary Out said...

Hey, thanks for the nice words. I'm working on the mp3 thing, I've had some problems with getting it recorded properly and whatnot. Tomorrow though, I'm gonna have something uploaded no matter what.
I know it airs kind of early in the morning for you over in the UK, but you can stream the show online (using the links) when it is airing live too (Sunday 11am-1pm pacific time). Feel free to send an email or chat with me in the studio too.

Smooth Tapes said...

cool show man. You got nice taste. Also, great blog. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hi, same 'anonymous' from the other night just thanking you for posting the mp3 of your first show. I've had the chance to listen to now, and I really enjoyed it. Particularly glad you played Tent City who I think are seriously under-rated. Big discovery for me was the Slow Listener track (though it seems it can't be had for love or money). I'd had heard great things about this project but was yet to heart it. Reminded me of some of the early Ashtray Navigations reissues that have come out this year. Also great tracks from Skaters and Yellow Swans reminding me not to take them for granted. Looking forward to the next show.

Auxiliary Out said...

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked the show. That Tent City jam is a killer, can't get enough that one. That Slow Listener CS kinda just came out of nowhere, I had no idea what to expect when I played it for the first time and it was incredible. He's a nice guy and he's got some stuff coming out on Tape Drift, Peasant Magik and others in the pretty near future (I think) you can probably grab one of those. glad yr not taking Skaters or YS for granted ;) they definitely earned their spots at the top.
I should have mp3s posted of the second show in the next day or two.
Thanks a lot for listening, I really appreciate it.