Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme #4 (10/28/07)

”The Casual Joke” Turner Cody Buds of May (CD) [Digitalis, 2007]

”Apparently Someone Tried To” Theo Angell & the Tabernacle Hillside Singers Auraplinth (CD) [Digitalis, 2007]

“Dun Dan” Group Doueh Guitar Music From the Western Sahara (LP) [Sublime Frequencies, 2007]

”Untitled 5” Richard Youngs & Tirath Singh Nirmala Richard Youngs & Tirath Singh Nirmala (LP) [HP Cycle, 2007]

”Sequins” Big Blood Space Gallery Jan. 27, 2007 (CD-r) [Dontrustheruin, 2007]

”Neutron Dracula” Crappy Nightmareville Neutron Dracula (7”) [Black Velvet Fuckere, 2007]

”Glisters” Ray Off Nothing Like a Ribbon Round a Parcel (CD-r) [Black Petal, 2007]

”Side A” Fantastic Magic Witch Choir (CS) [Abandon Ship, 2007]

”Fonta” The Reggaee Catolistal (CS) [No Label, 2007]

”Vlige” Benjamin Franklin Takes Time (CS one-sided) [Dreamtime Taped Sounds, 2007]

”De Transistions Van Hallucinatorische Knikken Tussen” Miles Devens Atlantic Woman (CS) [New Age Cassettes, 2007]

“I Am Your Charred Remains” Ajilvsga Thorazine To Infinity (CS) [Peasant Magik, 2007]

”For What It’s Worthless” Barrabarracuda Abasement Tapes (CD-r) [Not Not Fun, 2007]

”Human Friend/Snail Territory/Megasolar Bodyslam” Fricara Pacchu Space Puppet (CS) [Lal Lal Lal, 2006]

mp3: Part 1 Part 2


Anonymous said...

Thanks, again. Have had limited PC access this week so was a bit late hearing this. Neat idea doing a more song-based show. These days I tend to avoid anything with, er, vocals and words, as a few years ago I felt I'd overdosed on whiney white-boy Indie vocalists singing poorly scanned High School poetry. But there's some good stuff here, particularly the Fantastic Magic tape. It seems to be completely sold out, but surely they'll put that out again in some form. Reminded me of Visitations, one of my favourite acoustic psych collective type acts. Do you have any info on tracing that The Reggaee track? I also enjoyed the Lanterns review. I like Lanterns but I'm never quite convinced they're more than the sum of their influences. A UK act I really dig -- who had a split CDr with Lanterns earlier this year -- are Chora. They throw a sort of New Blockaders-ish element of junk noise into the whole psych-drone-improv-free folk game.

Auxiliary Out said...

Hey, thanks for listening. I'm glad you liked the "song-based" thing. It wasn't totally concieved that way but I had a ton of great songs I wanted to play so there you have it. ;) I'm with you on being alienated by indie rock which appears to get exponentially worse with each passing year (or month).
As far as you're specific inquiries about the artists...
I don't know about any reissues in the works but Nate from Abandon Ship told me a while back that there is a Fantastic Magic LP looming on the horizon. Probably very end of the year or beginning of the next.
The tape that Reggaee track came from was a self-released tape Florian Tositti sent to a few friends and whatnot. It's called Catolistal and there was a review of it on Bryan Berge's Tape Hiss column a while back. Florian has also made it available in digital form on soulseek.
I've heard about Chora for a little while but have yet to hear them. I'll have to work a little harder at tracking them down. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Reggaee info. With Chora I'd recommend the self-titled/untitled Cdr they had out a few months ago on 267 Lattajjaa and a recent split with On Fire (another good new UK band) on Curor. Actually managed to get my hands on the Fantastic Magic tape via the wonderful Boa Melody Bar mail order.

Auxiliary Out said...

No problem. I'll look into that Chora stuff, thanks for the tip.
Psyched you got the FanMag (wow, what an awful nick name) tape, you'll probably end up listening to it a lot heh.

Anonymous said...

My favourite acronym is Ash Nav for Ashtray Navigations.