Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme #3 (10/21/07)

“Ink Sac” Aaron Dilloway & C. Spencer Yeh The Squid (LP) [Hanson, 2007]

“Confessions of a Digestive System” Chris Cooper Bill Nace Duo I’m Fucking in a Sitting Room (For Nmperign) (CS) [Night People, 2007]

“The Lionshead” Scumm O)))) Brown One: The Bathrobe Demos (CS) [No Label, 2007]

“Summoning the Recluse” Ettrick Brutal Sound FX Compilation and Exhibition of Strange Fact (2xCS) [Enterruption, 2007]

“Lanzarse” Goliath Bird Eater Brahmans (CS) [Nurse Etiquette, 2007]

“Eureka” GHQ California Night Burning Dreams (LP+3” CD-r) [Not Not Fun, 2007]

”Untitled 2” Menstrual Chinese Dream Menstrual Chinese Dream (CD-r) [Nature Tape Limb, 2005]

“Curly Fruit” Quilts Acid Flower (3” CD-r) [Ruralfaune, 2007]

“Standing Water” Emeralds Grass Ceiling (CS) [Fag Tapes, 2007]

“Wanderlands” Agitated Radio Pilot Ghost of Medb/Under Your Night (split with Nether Dawn) (LP) [Pseudo Arcana, 2007]

”Drifter” Pillars of Heaven Silver Tusks Vol. 1 (CS one-sided) [Peasant Magik, 2007]

“Rope” Gowns Red State (CD) [Cardboard, 2007]

“Aborescent” Arachnid Arcade Crepuscular Aborescent (CS) [Psychform, 2007]

“December, 6th 2006” Dull Knife Untitled (CS) [Psychform, 2007]

“Love Falls” (VxPxC) Stoned to Death (CD-r) [Leaf Trail, 2007]

(some of the voice parts didn't record very well, sorry)
mp3: Part 1 Part 2


Anonymous said...

Belated thanks for posting the mp3 again. That Nace/Cooper duo sounds awesome. Not heard a good blast of guitar noise in some time. Sounds like I ought to check out the Psychform catalogue too.

Auxiliary Out said...

No problem, thanks for listening. Nace/Cooper are pretty rad. They also record under the name Buddies in case you weren't aware. there are a few cool live videos of them on youtube worth checking out.
Psychform is a small label here in Seattle area, don't know too much about it but those tapes are real nice.