Sunday, February 28, 2010

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme #57 (2/28/10)

Thresholders “Fracture Removal” Thresholders [Tape Drift 2010] (CD-r)

Little Fyodor “That Was a Mistake” Peace is Boring [Fox Pop 2009] (CS)

Little Claw “Slow Sticky Tornado” Human Taste [Ecstatic Peace! 2009] (CD)

Lee Noble “Halloween Kiss” Darker Half [Bathetic 2010] (CS)

Noggin “I’m Getting into Dirt, Now” Split with Pork Queen [Trackshun Industries 1993] (LP)

Sean McCann “Scapula” Open Resolve [Stunned 2010] (CS)

Sisprum Vish “Untitled” Twizzler [No Label 200?] (CS)

Nick Hoffman “NWO” Silent Island [House of Alchemy 2010] (CD-r)

Nals Goring “Untitled” Ratan Altan [OSR Tapes 2008] (CS)

hair_loss “Hereditary” The Initial Everything’s Wonderful [No Label forthcoming] (LP)

thenumber46 “Pilotless Airplane” Bleach and Ammonia [Tape Drift 2010] (CS)

Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides “Hidden Woolen Sweat” Carving Ones Void [Golden Lab 2008] (CD-r)

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