Friday, November 23, 2007

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme #7 (11/18/07)

“Breathing Your Face” The Skull Defekts Skkull (CD) [Release the Bats, 2007]

“Moths Eat Tope Light” Chora Moist Friends (CD-r) [267 Lattajjaa, 2007]

“So Blind” Dragnet Dragnet (7") [Tuesday Records, 1986]

“Start to Dreaming” Wooden Shjips Loose Lips/Start to Dreaming (7") [Sub Pop, 2007]

“Bobby’s on the Phone” Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti Underground (LP) [Vinyl International, 2007]

“Antihistamiinimatkaaja” Kemialliset Ystävät Alkuhärkä (LP) [Beta-Lactum Ring, 2007]

“Rectums Merging” At Jennie Richie Rectums Merging (LP one-sided) [What We Do Is Secret, 2007]

“Stinking Memory” Brainbombs Stinking Memory (7") [Anthem, 2007]

“Side A” Slasker Risk Triple Jesus (LP) [Kass/Jamps, 2007]

“My Bird is Dead” PWRFL POWER Injured Fruits (CD) [No Label, 2007]

“Little Weeper” Larkin Grimm The Last Tree (CD) [Secret Eye, 2006]

“Marie's Hair” Elephant Micah Frannce (3xCD-r) [Ruralfaune/La Belle Dame Sans Merci, 2007]

“Side A” Widening Horizon Widening Horizon (CS) [Arbor/JK Tapes, 2007]

“Waber Bouncing with Dante Flavour” Cones Ice Skating Elephants (CD-r) [Ikuisuus, 2007]

“Track 2” Edgar Wappenhalter Split with Dolphins of East Belgium (CS) [Cauliflower Dreams, 2007]

mp3: Part 1 Part 2


Anonymous said...

Another cool show. Really liked the Cones and Widening Horizons tracks. Seems kind of unfair that the guys running JK Tapes and Arbor are making as well as releasing some really good music. I've liked the Treetops stuff I've heard a lot too.

peter friel said...
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