Sunday, November 11, 2007

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme #6 (11/11/07)

“Actaeon” Axolotl Prophetic Ass (CD-r) [Chocolate Monk, 2007]

“Poco Da Morte” Tropa Macaca Marfim (LP) [Ruby Red, 2007]

“Side B” Armas Huutamo Aurinko on Kaunis Asia (7”) [Lal Lal Lal, 2006]
*played at 33 rpm

“Death’s Seed Runs From Her Thighs” Apple Snails Split with The Mighty Acts of God (CS) [DNT, 2007]

“Glass (excerpt)” Century Plants Sound System Sound (CD-r) [Tape Drift, 2007]

“Side B” Treetops Serene Dream (CS) [JK Tapes, 2007]

“Extra” Blue Sabbath Black Fiji Lazer Saber (CD-r) [JK Tapes, 2007]

“Cobweb Infinity” Helvetica is the Perfume of the City Swallowing Stars (CD-r) [La Belle Dame Sans Merci, 2007]

“My Night with the French Resistance” Black Forest/Black Sea Frannce compilation (3xCD-r) [La Belle Dame Sans Merci/Ruralfaune, 2007]

“1000 Shut Downs” Maggoted 1000 Shut Downs (3” CD-r) [Cut Hands, 2007]

“Side B” Tomutonttu Tomutonttu (LP) [Beta-Lactum Ring, 2007]

“Blood of Kings” Quintana Roo Temple of Self Decapitation (CS) [Dreamtime Taped Sounds, 2007]

*some technical problems happened during the show but I'll let you discover them on yr own...

mp3: Part 1 Part 2


Anonymous said...

Hi, belated thanks again for posting the mp3. I thought pretty much everything from Century Plants through to the end sounded essential. Maybe it's a good job half this stuff is sold out, or I'd be broke (I never seem to move fast enough for JK tapes). I particularly dug the Helvetica is the Perfume of the City track. Phil Todd releases far too many unmissable records. I'm also kicking myself for passing up the opportunity of seeing Blue Sabbath Black Fiji earlier this year. We get about six decent gigs a year in Edinburgh and three of them were in the same fortnight, so I passed on BSBF.

Auxiliary Out said...

No problem, as always. Thanks for listening.
Sold out-ness is always lame heh. But last time I checked those Century Plants and Helvetica releases are still available from the labels. (Maggoted too I think, not sure about Tomutonttu).
As far as the JK Tapes go, most are gone in a flash heh. Peter's got a few new ones out now, though I haven't heard them. He's beginning to do larger runs it looks like, now that the label is taking off a bit. They'll hopefully be a bit easier to grab when they aren't limited to 50 or less ;)
Bummer you missed BSBF probably would have been a fun, frenetic show. At least you caught some other good gigs though.

bartolomé sanson (éditions kaugummi) said...

please please please dear mister auxiliary out, upload a second time all of the radio show who are no longer avalaible on the server!!

i miss some of them and really want to listen to all of them!

your blog is the best, the first in my love, thanks for everything!