Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In Old Chicago (Almost)

UPDATE: I am finally in Chicago please check the updated Contact section for the new address.

Hello dear readers,
Auxiliary Out is in the process of relocating its "headquarters" from Seattle to Chicago so the site is going on a temporary break. I'm not exactly sure how long it will last but I'm guessing anywhere from 3-6 weeks.

Meanwhile, please refrain from sending anything to the soon-to-be out-of-date Seattle address (don't want anyone's packages getting lost) and I will make an announcement with the new Chicago address once the transition is complete and AO is open for business again.

In the absence of reviews, I will leave you all with a (long) list of things I have been especially enjoying recently during the endless packing and whatnot ("recently" meaning my enjoyment has been recent, the records may have been released years ago)

In no particular order, of course:

Nmperign with Jake Meginsky Selected Occasions of Handsome Deceit [Rel] (one-sided LP)

Foton Omega [Field Hymns] (CS)

Susurrus Susurrus [Field Hymns] (CS)

Horaflora/Bromp Treb Split [Yeay!] (7")

Slasher Risk Vole [Abandon Ship] (CS)

Gonzalez & Steenkiste Gonzalez & Steenkiste [Eiderdown] (CS)

Alex Barnett Push [DRAFT] (CS)

Dull Knife Dull Knife [Debacle] (LP)

Eli Keszler Cold Pin [PAN] (LP)

Golden Retriever Light Cones [Root Strata] (LP)

Eli Keszler Oxtirn [ESP Disk] (LP)

Kanukanakina A - Arrival B - Departure [A Giant Fern] (CS)

Sheer Agony Sheer Agony [Fixture] (7")

Femminielli/Araignee Split [Fixture] (7")

Long Distance Poison Ideological State Apparatus [Constellation Tatsu] (CS)

Bill Nace Too Dead for Dreaming [8mm] (one-sided LP)

Charlie Mcalister Country Creme/Victorian Fog [Feeding Tube] (LP)

Caethua/Shep and Me Split [Lighten Up Sounds] (LP)

Lab Coast Pictures on the Wall [Eggy] (CS)

Lab Coast Editioned Houses [Night People] (CS)

Son of Salami Deli Days [Night People] (CS)

Miami Angels in America A Public Ranking [Night People] (CS)

Angels in America Allergic to Latex [Digitalis LTD.] (CS)

Running Running [Permanent] (LP)

Running/Loose Dudes Split [Catholic Male] (7")

Running Asshole Savant [Captcha] (one-sided LP + soundsheet)

Hering und seine sieben Sachen Nautical Twilight [Cae-sur-a] (CS)

Voder Deth Squad Voder Deth Squad [Stunned] (CS)

M. Geddes Gengras This Could be the Last Time [Stunned] (CS)

Scuba Death Demon Seed [Semata Productions] (LP)

Evan Parker & John Wiese C-Section [PAN] (LP)

Drowner Yellow Swans Drowner Yellow Swans [Tape Room] (CS)

Social Drag Social Drag [Stunned] (CS)

Nite Lite Marlene [Stunned] (CS)

Stefan Tcherepnin & Christopher DeLaurenti Bleed the Capacitors: Heavy Analog Electronics Vols. 2 and 3 [DRAFT] (CS)

Kirtan Choir The Unquestioned Answer [Skrot Up] (CS)

Andrew Scott Young Slophaus Diver [Catholic Tapes] (CS)

Super Minerals Contacteer [Stunned] (CS)

AG Davis/Kommissar Hjuler und Frau Rodez/Kanzlerjahre [Skrot Up] (CS)

Matt Carlson/Jason E. Anderson Synthesator Vol. Three: Dissociative Synthesis [UFO Mongo/Borft] (LP)

x04 Lost Signals [Ultra Eczema] (LP)

Vapor Gourds Dagger Magic [Yeay!] (CS)

The Bugs The o... The Bugs [Hovercraft] (LP)

Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting Bubblethug [Weird Forest] (2xLP)

Cyndi Lauper She's So Unusual [Portrait] (LP)

Navel All About the Moon [Cosmic Winnetou] (CS)

Pulse Emitter Spiritual Vistas [Cylindrical Habitat Modules/Expansive] (LP)

Basil Poledouris Robocop [That's Entertainment] (LP)

Sewer Election Bristning [Release the Bats] (LP)

The Smiths The Queen is Dead [Sire] (CS)

Brian Ruryk & Fletcher Pratt Canadian Guitar Sounds [Midori] (CS)

Frieder Butzmann I'm a 7inch Single [Ultra Eczema] (7")

Tiger Hatchery Tiger Hatchery [Pizza Night] (one-sided LP)

New Order Substance 1987 [Michael] (CS)

Purling Hiss Hissteria [Richie] (LP)

Purling Hiss Public Service Announcement [Woodsist] (LP)

Yellow Swans/The Goslings Split [Not Not Fun] (7")

Roy Orbison The All-Time Greatest Hits [Monument] (2xLP)

German Army Cattle Border [Clan Destine] (one-sided CS)

Tuluum Shimmering Flowers of the Honey Tree [House of Sun] (CS)

Flandrew Fleisenberg/Flunk Flunk 'n Ice [YDLMIER] (CS)

Various Artists 002 [Hare Akedod] (CS)

Ajilvsga From the Muddy Banks of the Arkansas [Near Passerine Devotionals] (LP)

Vales/Minutiae Split [905 Tapes] (CS)

Klondike & York The Holy Book [Weird Forest] (LP)

Prince & the Revolution Purple Rain [Warner] (CS)


Justin Marc Lloyd said...

weird...thats where im headed in about a month, too. seeya there :)

Auxiliary Out said...

Sweet! It'll be just you and me and 3 million others. Be seeing you around town!