Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Skin Graft/Dim Dusk Moving Gloom - Split [Rainbow Bridge]

This is a heavy duty noise tape from the curiously Care Bears-y titled, outside-of-Baltimore label Rainbow Bridge.
Skin Graft is an artist that I've heard of for a while now but this is the first time any sounds have met my ears. SG fills the side with a single piece, "You Victim." It's sort of buttoned-down harsh noise. There's a persistent static rumble, upon which Mr. or Ms. Graft drops more splashes of guttermouthed, feedback squirms. It doesn't sound pained, just unhealthy. The artist seems to really be opposing cleanliness here, this sounds like licking the dust and grime in the corners of window frames. The piece morphs into this weird sputtering, throbbing version of itself, most likely the result of one too many crossbreeding experiments. It's actually kinda groovy in about the most ungroovy manner possible. The chorus of stuck engines putter for a while before Skin Graft brings the heat and lays on the static real thick-like. That is until the signal dies a slow, Jiffypop-sounding death.
Things are even more morbid on the flipside. Dim Dusk Moving Gloom delivers the blistering "The Gnashing of Teeth" unto your lily-white ears. There's a hefty dose of noise here but it's the gliding organ tones glimmering underneath that really give me the willies. Justin Marc Lloyd, Rainbow Bridge label head and architect behind the project (whose moniker has since been changed to Pregnant Spore), delivers an excellently constructed piece here. The new agey, holy tabneracle choir thing is perfectly balanced with an insanely active harsh-free-noise bludgeoning. Lloyd doesn't just coat the piece in 12 DOD Death Metal pedals, it sound like the guys is actually ripping up speakers, crushing circuit boards and probably spilling a little virgin blood on the altar for good measure. The piece is eerie, transcendent and relentless; Lloyd gradually dials down the noise over the duration of the piece but it somehow becomes more intense as it gets more calm. This is the creepiest misty pipe organ this side of Carnival of Souls by the way. One motherfucker of a side, I'm tellin' ya.
Pretty darn solid tape overall. The second side is obviously my favorite but Skin Graft has some good stuff to offer too. It comes with disgusting artwork as you can see but don't let that deter you. Still in print in a run of 50
You can check out some of Dim Dusk Moving Gloom's side on the Bourbon County Seattle Halloween Special

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