Sunday, April 4, 2010

IB M Theft Adle - Intendo Innuendo w/ an Inuit in it [Mang Disc]

So amongst the items in my package from ID M Theft Able's Mang Disc label was a DVD-r entitled The Robocop Hermaphrodite Pornography Video and other works by "lllllllllllllllll1", which unfortunately I have not gotten to play in any DVD player or computer at my disposal, as well as a CD LASER LENS CLEANER which is a cassette tape flooded with paint. Anyway, one of the items that has music I have actually been able to access is this one. And the sounds might be weirder than any I could imagine coming from those unplayables.
"I Turn it ON and I Turn it OFF" marries a voice delivering a jazzy rendition of the title over samples of a vacuum cleaner. A bassy velcro synth crops up as well, as the track saunters down a loopy path. More layers of vocals are added giving the song a spiraling, poly-rhythmic effect. Pretty soon the voice taunts me for sitting in front of my computer and "counts my freckles." The final product is swinging and irresistible and more than a little loungey, but with a heavy reliance on a vacuum cleaner. ID M's rechristening of himself is no joke, the mad man is rocking all sorts of primitive computer/video game technology on this one. "Everpubescent" is some NES soundtrack regurgitated and thrown in a blender. I really don't know what to make of it; it's a synapse-stunning sensory assault more than anything. "Inuit Pixel Loss" is similarly jittery composition of fragmented video game sound effects. It's a bit more digestible than "Everpubescent" though. A good portion of it is the endless cascading of various sound effects creating the illusion of collecting infinity billion gold coins. That peters out into "Epistle to Mike C." which is like some kind of bizarro punk song but performed with the same NES palette of the last couple tracks. The unintelligible lyrics ("Ye-ye-ye-yeah da boom da bip pah"?), which are also sung in an accent, are pretty catchy and carry the song's melody over the minimal, rapidly repeating samples. Even though the song just repeats itself over and over, it lasts six minutes in true iconoclast fashion. "One Eye, Which Eye" has some sort of grown-up Dr. Seuss feel with a man repeating a refrain from which the title hails. With droning chord organ, rustling field recordings and various percussive scattershot sounds the track staggers forward occasionally interrupted by strange split second collages. This track focuses a little less on the video game aesthetic, with a stronger emphasis on percussive elements, which is a nice change of pace and it features ID M's... excuse me, IB M's best collage-work of the disc. It's dense but not overwhelming. "Clown Milk, Clown Meat" opens with an answering machine recording of a voice singing, you guessed it, "clown milk and clo-own meat." From there we get launched into another frantic, madcap Mario-on-drugs adventure. How Mario afforded all this speed on a plumber's commission I cannot say. The track's scope expands to inter-galactic laser battle proportions. After a brief breather the "clown milk" voice comes back in the middle of the schizoid techno-meltdown. After the ashes, the voice continues, drenched in static, against a pummeling loop. Album closer, "Your Senator" is a seasick tornado of confusion. Various voices and sounds whirl around and around in any direction that will have them until someone pulls the plug.
This one really does a number on the noggin. As with all ID M releases there's good and totally fucked up stuff to be found though this particular release requires a hefty tolerance for high-pitched video game noises. Enter IB M's lair at your own risk muhahahaha.
Still in print. Killer artwork too as Mang Disc oft provides.

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