Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boy+Girl - Dice Cuts [St. Petersburg Institute of Noise]

Dice Cuts is a pretty recent tape by AG Davis (Extra Sexes) under his Boy+Girl moniker on Florida's St. Petersburg Institute of Noise, handily referred to as S.P.I.N.
Dice Cuts is actually a pretty evocative title of what Davis's work sounds like. That is diced and cut(-up). The tape also has some of my favorite work I've heard from Davis. The tape opens unusually for him with liquid-y bubbles popping and a few nicks of static here and there. Then the tape moves into drone basically, certainly a first for Davis's hyper-kinetic style. The drones are simple and captivating and just when you settle into them Davis unleashes some sort of post-post-hardcore static thrash. I don't know if there's a sampler used or maybe a laptop, but the initial, longer noise-and-yell section is continually whittled down into smaller and smaller fragments until the cassette reaches a period of mild calm. An irregular drum beat, touchy squelches and a rising tide of static. Little by little, the section lurches into ground-up distorted vocal-shards making for a short slab of ID M Theft Able-style weirdness. Samples of growls, mouth-farts and other silly sounds amount to an a capella "percussion solo" of sorts that ultimately jettisons head first into a harsh feedback fest with a barely discernible rock band jamming underneath. Afterward there's some more squiggly beatboxing, feedback and a breakcore-styled screamo freak out at the end that's probably my least favorite part of the side.
The second side opens with mild feedback and synth blips. There's about 8 seconds of sax whine before a cut-up noise freak out. From there the side abruptly shifts into a fuzzed out bit of bass/drums sludge with some banjo-esque instrument plucked over it. Certainly the strangest bit of doom I've come across. Various bells, sirens, footsteps, sounds of suction are spliced together in head spinning fashion. Things only get weirder with more fragmentary compositions in the keys of gargle, spit, scoff, sniffle and wheeze. Like the first side it ends on a frantic vocal/noise mash-up session. This one is especially cut-up and percussive.
I don't think I've ever seen Davis this utterly bizarre and violently scrambled. Not for the faint of heart.
The tape is apparently sold-out at source but some copies may still be residing at the Scotch Tapes distro. Word on the street is that Davis has an LP and CD due in the coming months as well.

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