Sunday, January 17, 2010

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme #51 (1/17/10)

Antique Brothers & the Family Band “Shasui Denpo” Digger Gold [Stunned 2009] (CS)

Sparkling Wide Pressure “Bob Moves” Bob Moves/Linda Speaks [Existential Cloth 2009] (CS)

Pigeon Religion “Huge Bummer” Dead Boss [Gilgongo 2009] (7”)

Mister Fuckhead and Company “Live at Empty Bottle August 03, 2008” Mister Fuckhead and Company [No Label 2009] (CS)

Cat Killer “Samba” Downtown [Speed Tapes 2009] (CS)

Oneohtrix Point Never “Plastic Season” Hollyr [Sound Holes 2008] (CS)

Nals Goring “Watership Down vs. the Robber Baron” Split with No Sound [Feeding Tube 2009] (LP)

Sissy Spacek “Fortune” Fortune [Gilgongo 2009] (7”)

Gang Wizard “Bad Teacher” God-Time-Man Universal Continuum Calibration Disc [olFactory/Lost Treasures of the Underworld/Green Tape/Tanzprocesz 2008] (LP)

James Fella “5-14-09” Split with Timeload Fowl [Gilgongo 2009] (LP)

Tim Blood and the Blood Album “Puke” W/ Blood and Squalor [CTRL Force 2009] (mp3)

Emuul “Crow Takes Flight” Omicida Della Regina/Songs for a Solo Piano [Stunned 2009] (CS)

Dull Knife “Northern Vortex” Hands of Conjuration [No Label 2010] (CD-r)

IB M Theft Adle “One Eye, Which Eye” Intendo Innuendo w/ an Inuit In It [Mangdisc 2009] (CD-r)

mp3: Part 1 Part 2