Sunday, January 10, 2010

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme #50 (1/10/10)

Sharks with Wings “The Flash in the Pan” Technicolor Hell [Malleable/Badmaster 2007] (CD-r)

Pine Smoke Lodge “The Clearing” Haligdaeg [Stunned 2009] (CD-r)

Street Gnar “Road Song (Heads Up)” Lion’s Head [Speed Tapes 2009] (CS)

Afterlife “Waking Absence” Split with Ossining [Stunned 2009] (CS)

Rambutan “Empty Sleep” Direct Shadows [KimberlyDawn 2009] (3" CD-r)

Horse Boys “Untitled” Horse Boys [OSR Tapes is a Dreamboat 2009] (CS)

Aghori “Cult of the New Sun Moon” Forced Fate [Existential Cloth 2009] (CS)

Explorers “We Thrive Off the Encantic Dance of Orbs” Bermuda Telepaths [Not Not Fun 2009] (LP)

Extra Sexes “Horn Rimmed Mind” Gash Bulb [Skrot Up 2009] (CS)

Patriotic Window Klings “Endless Smoke” Guitargument [Speed Tapes 2009] (CS)

A.M. Shiner “The Red Kush (excerpt)” Split with M. Geddes Gengras [Stunned 2009] (CS)

Crash Normal “Bikinies Invaiders” Finger Shower [Rijapov 2009] (10”)

Pulga “Return to the Forest of Shoes” Pulga Loves You [Fire Museum 2007] (CD)

Timeload Fowl “Collaboration with James Fella” Split with James Fella [Gilgongo 2009] (LP)

Big French “Down to the River” Toyota [OSR Tapes 2010] (CS)

Gay Beast “Multi-Purpose Anti-Form” Gay Beast [Gilgongo 2009] (7”)

Du Hexen Hase “Concert for the People of Eugene Pt. 1” Du Hexen Hase [Debacle 2009] (CD-r)

mp3: Part 1 Part 2

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