Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lateral Hyetography – Some Girlzzz [Really Coastal]

This cassingle arrived mysteriously in my mail. I can only think of 3 other cassingles from the last couple years offhand (Ignatz, Barrabarracuda, U.S. Girls) and it’s an unappreciated/forgotten format I think. Although, I wonder what separates a c10 from a cassingle because there are lots of c10s flying about it seems. I believe the only more ponderous “ponderance” than that is, if someone you like asks you “if a tree falls in a forest does it make a sound?” will you begin to think they suck? If you have an answer and/or sub-question to my query, please get in touch cause I’d like to know. Alright, enough with all this meta-magnetic tape mumbo jumbo.
The subject of this review is Lateral Hyetography, and except for one person I know (Mike--weather science freak), Lateral Hyetography is infinitely better than actual hyetography. The tape came with a press release though I can’t seem to find it right now but this tape was made by one dude and it features two versions of “Some Girlzzz”, one on each side of course. I’ve had this song stuck in my head for the last 24 hours so I figured now is good time to get some words down. And it’s a good excuse to sit on my ass and listen to this tape over and over.
I’m partial to the version on the A-side. Though it begins unassuming enough, overdriven guitar, vocals and drum loop, this is actually a seriously epic pop song. Its magic is subtle. The track changes quite a lot without seeming like it. It takes one idea and stretches it as far as it can ago (I mean that in a good way, just so we’re clear). There’s a pseudo-verse/chorus thing at the beginning, “pseudo” cause it doesn’t really repeat or anything. This leads to an extended breakdown of just music which I don’t think you’re supposed to do if you wanna “make it” in the wonderful world of pop, but dude obviously doesn’t care about that—he’s just trying make me/you/everyone sing his song over and over. There’s a nice simple guitar riff that leads to my favorite a.k.a. the best part of the song. I’m pretty sure the guy is just singing “Some girls do-doo-di-do-dah-di-da-daowh”, what does it mean? I don’t know. But do I believe it? Hell yes I do, I should because I sung it to myself at least 200 times today. My only qualm with the song is that the casiobeat that accompanies the track is too loud and gets in the way a bit. The song is inherently propulsive and driven so I think a more subtle use of it would have benefited the track. It’s a very small problem to have though.
When you theoretically flip that shit, you’ll hear “Some Girlzzz” again but this time in acoustic mode. I prefer my pop full force and fuzzed so I take the A-side. This other version is no slouch though, the arrangement is similar with that casiobeat, acoustic guitar and multi-tracked vocals—d.i.y. Beach Boys-style. The guitar drops out and the breakdown consists of a bit of droney keyboard and extra vocal harmony. Even in this version with pretty easily discernible vocals I’m pretty sure he’s singing “do-doo-di-do-dah-di-da-daowh”. Go figure. The edge this version has on the previous side is live drumming that comes in for the last 1.5 minutes or so. It adds a nice, conclusive effect.
The tape is the first release by Really Coastal, though it looks like they just released their second tape—one by Antique Bros. With tapes by Theo Angell, Metal Rouge and more Lateral Hyetography on the way it looks like a label to keep an eye on. The first run of 95 sold out but it looks like there is a second pressing of Some Girlzzz available now at the barnbusting low price of $3.50. Tapes are pro-dubbed/pro-printed beauties housed with a fold-out j-card and bizarrely bizarre and thematic(?) cover art. Hours of enjoyment/3 dollars and 50 cents, I think you know what to do.
And since I’m sure you are dying to know and it was deemed important enough to credit on the j-card, the “cover model” is named Kathryn.

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in case people are looking for a first edition copy, I still have a few in my distro