Sunday, October 12, 2008

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme #25 (6/1/08)

(Somehow this never got posted back in June. Weird.)

“Samaan Aikaan Toisaalla” Tomutonttu Bound with Skin (5xCD) [Skulls of Heaven, 2007]
“Points of View” Country Teasers The Empire Strikes Back (LP) [In the Red, 2006]
“Elegy for Breeze Von Goodyear/The Gravedigger’s Dance” Maths Balance Volumes Bound with Skin (5xCD) [Skulls of Heaven, 2007]
“Waiting for the Hesitation” Eat Skull Sick to Death (LP) [Siltbreeze, 2008]
“Hung from the Moon” Earth The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull (CD) [Southern Lord, 2008]
“Strickfadens” Bulbs Light Ships (CD) [Freedom to Spend, 2008]
“Dreamcatcher” Weirdo Begeirdo with Gabe from Yellow Swans Dreamcatcher (3" CD-r) [Not Not Fun, 2005]
“I-5” Nothing People Anonymous (LP) [S-S, 2008]
“Hosianna Mantra” Popol Vuh Hosianna Mantra (CD) [OHR, 1972]
“The Movement the Second” Bobby Beausoliel & the Freedom Orchestra Lucifer Rising Soundtrack (CD) [M.O.R., 1972]
“The Wind Did Blow” The Cherry Blossoms The Cherry Blossoms (LP) [Apostasy/Black Velvet Fuckere/Breaking World/Consanguineous/Hank the Herald Angel/Yeay!, 2007]
“Untitled 3” The Skaters Gambling in Ohpa’s Shadow (CD-r) [Pseudoarcana, 2005]
“The Reservoir” Larkin Grimm after you men explode the world we women will sing it to sleep (split with the beautiful babes in springtime brainwave band ft. earl monster) (CS) [Sloow Tapes, 2006]
“Paint a Babe” Jana Hunter Carrion (LP) [Woodsist, 2008]
“Herrons” Ecstatic Sunshine Way (CD) [Cardboard, 2008]
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