Sunday, April 13, 2008

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme #18 (4/13/08)

"Gold Ropes" Bulbs Light Ships (CD) [Freedom to Spend, 2008]

"Dead Families" Eat Skull Dead Families (7") [Skulltones, 2008]

"Ooh Doo Daa" Christian Science Minotaur Map 1 of 9 (CD-r) [Little Fury Things, 2007]

"Saw the Legs" Foot Foot Trumpet (CD) [Oedipus/Aagoo, 2008]

"Stone Cold Steve Austin at the Stone Cold Creamery" Barrabarracuda Thrash Sabbatical (LP+2x7") [Deathbomb Arc, 2007]

"Side A" Xiphiidae Bronze Hut (CS) [Houscraft, 2008]

"Phony Detectives" Psychedelic Horseshit Who Let the Dogs Out? (7") [Columbus Discount, 2008 (repress)]

"Sexy Music" Ex-Cocaine Ex-Cocaine/Yellow Swans Split (LP) [Not Not Fun, 2008]

"Filthy Tongue" Leo Mars Lightears (CD-r) [Naivsuper, 2008]

"Explosive Soul" Talibam! The Inexcusable Earthling (LP) [Pendu Sound, 2007]

"Gilded Feathers/First Flight over Ashen Trees" Tricorn & Queue Tapestry Head Ban (CS) [Houscraft, 2008]

"Here is Where the Body Lay" Lop-Lop Are Those Wizard Hands? (3xCD-r) [Little Fury Things, 2007]

"Too Popular" The Pizzas Bad Ass Youth (7") [Daggerman, 2008]

"Comedy Hypnosis" Yellow Swans Ex-Cocaine/Yellow Swans Split (LP) [Not Not Fun, 2008]

"Unveiled Nightmare" Ilyas Ahmed The Vertigo of Dawn (CD/LP) [Time-Lag, 2008]

mp3: Part 1 Part 2


thetravelingthumb said...
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Anonymous said...

thanks for playing some LFT stuff Drew! you rule!!! all best, nat/LFT

Auxiliary Out said...

No problemo, thanks for checking out the show, Nat.

Anonymous said...

This radio show is the best. THANKS

Auxiliary Out said...

No problem, glad you dig it. Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

Slowly making my way through the backlog of mp3s here (PC problems). Really liked the Leo Mars track. There's some really good stuff coming out of Germany now (Datashock, Shivers, Cones .. um, names could be better). Particularly dig the way they do seem to emerge from a peculiarly German tradition while evidently connecting with the whole international psych/drone/noise field.