Saturday, April 5, 2008

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme #15 (2/24/08)

“Vihaan Vitusti Kaikkea Mita Kulutusyhteiskunnan Aikaansaama Pinnallinen Alkoholiin Perustuva Sosiaalinen Kayttaytymiskulttuuri Edustaa” Futurians Futurians Play The Breathtaking Sounds Of Tivol (7”) [Soft Abuse, 2008]

“Aquemini” Black Forest/Black Sea Portmanteau (10”) [Secret Eye, 2008]

“Relleno For Kings” Slurp Dogs Postal Licks (CS one-sided) [Sloow Tapes, 2008]

“Under the Clouds of Sleep” Du Hexen Hase Under the Clouds of Sleep (3” CD-r) [No Label, 2008]

“Chthonic Exterior (feat. Crystal Dragon)” Drunjus Enceladus (CD-r) [Peasant Magik, 2008 (forthcoming)]

“Attempting Posture” Cooper Jones Cooper Jones/Cars (CS) [Night People, 2007]

“Void Lake 2” Haunted Castle Void Lake (CD-r) [Arbor, 2007]

“Blood Honey 2” The Holy See Blood Honey (CD-r) [Digitalis, 2008]

“Untitled 1” Sean McCann Dreem Ordeal (CD-r) [No Label, 2008]

“Motorcade” The Goslings Occasion (CD) [Not Not Fun, 2008]

“Freedom of Pollen/Floodstory of Warwick” Jazzfinger King Murnam (CS) [JK Tapes, 2008]

mp3: part 1 part 2


Anonymous said...

Hi, busy catching up on those six hours of archived shows. There was some great stuff here. Drunjus are a new discovery for me, and that was far and away the best thing I've heard by Black Forest/Black Sea (previously, I thought, a bit tame). Been digging Du Hexen Hase a lot lately too.

rocko said...

Hey - Great to see some Futurians in there...X the drummer