Sunday, March 18, 2012

Extraoridnary Pigeons/Regosphere - Split [Pigeon Coup International]

Northwest cassette team-up between Seattle trio Extraordinary Pigeons and Portland's Regosphere.
In addition, to graphic noise experiments the ExtraPigeons can deliver some real nice, brooding all-acoustic drone pieces, as they do here. It reminds me a smidge of those good ol' days when GHQ was ruling the blogs and Soulseek. Despite the acoustic clue, I'm not exactly sure what instruments are in play here, they all sound pretty otherworldly my guess is they are probably more out-of-the-box than "guitar & viola" or something. Maybe some bowed cymbals? There's something super deep and dense, I don't know, bowed timpani? Is that even possible? Either way, it's a pretty sweet caveman meditation, plenty of smoke from the fire pit and some hallucinations to go along. After the eerie environment has been pretty well established, a guitar provides a few plucked notes that even resemble a melody. It mingles with the spirit voices for while before an ultimate ascension to a new realm.
Regosphere a.k.a. Andrew Quitter is a name I feel like I've heard around for years but this is my first experience with his sounds. I think he runs Dumpster Score records but I'm not positive about that. The material on this tape was recorded with analog synthesizers and shortwave radio although it's not a cosmic journey of synthpads and static messages intercepted from other planets. This is noise motherfuckers. From the get-go, Regosphere grinds like a stalled jet engine. Turning over relentlessly. After establishing the thump-thud-thump-thud dynamic, Quitter takes things up a notch with some analog freakouts and alarm clock/telephone ring bleats and then cakes on the static like he's pouring concrete. Every so often there's a hint of melody buried 50 feet below but you gotta listen for it. Instantly grabbing your attention, the second track is even more aggressive with some pissed off insect leading the charge. It chugs and chugs with a perversely hypnotic rhythm. Nice!
May still be available from Pigeon Coup International

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