Monday, February 6, 2012

Potier. - Einsicht in die Notwendigkeit [No Label]

Alright so bear with me, this project is from western Canada, has a French moniker and writes its titles in German. Maybe that person who first theorized about globalization is onto something after all.
This tape is harsh harsh harsh and if it was any longer than 20 minutes some serious damage might be done by these aural icicles. The first side "Deutsch/Weiss/Heterosexuell/Reproduktionsbereit" is seriously prickly. There's not much low-end just a rage of metallic daggers. This might be the ethereal version of harsh noise as it seems to float, untethered. It's a poisonous cloud. It shimmers while it thrashes. It tickles as it stings. This is the midpoint between peeling an onion with a cheese grater and exfoliating with a cheese grater. This is acupuncture with rusty nails. Well, you're probably getting the idea. I particularly like the end of the track where the reins are pulled a back a bit and the momentary relief makes the affair all the more unsettling.
The second side "Politisch Unauffaellig/Produktiv Arbeitend" is more forceful. It's actually trying to clean your clock instead of tease and torture you. Ear-splittingly and unapologetically rough, the track could probably cut you up a few different ways but it prefers just the one. It can cut deeper if it keeps stabbing the same wound. Total sonic wreck. Positively murderous.
I appreciate the no-holds-barred/no-fuckin'-around attitude of this tape. If you're in the mood for punishment, it's happy to oblige. And really, all self-respecting listeners out there enjoy getting the shit beat out of them sometimes. This is one of those times.
The tape is self-released and pro-dubbed chrome so its spikes are extra sharp. Get it here

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