Sunday, November 2, 2008

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme #28 (11/2/08)

"Planned Parenthood" Klondike & York Baby Head (LP) [S-S, 2004]

"Tunnels" Social Junk Concussion Summer (LP) [Not Not Fun, 2008]

"Shadow of My Breath" God Eater Future Fun (CD-r) [Scissor Death, 2008]

"Absolute Freedom" Starving Weirdos Absolute Freedom (7") [Abandon Ship, 2008]

“Draft Dodging Sexual Vietnam (for Gabe & Pete)” Barrabarracuda Draft Dodging Sexual Vietnam (for Gabe & Pete)/Wise Incisors (CS) [Green Tape, 2005]

"Lemonade Folly" Gang Wizard I Remember You from the Party in Long Beach (7") [DNT, 2007]

"It Must Be/On Black Mountain" Bone Awl ...So I Must Take from the Earth and Make it My Own… (2x7") [Hospital, 2006]

"Malignant Coronation" Hototogisu Under the Rose (LP) [Heavy Blossom, 2008]

"Jumping Jack Flash Drive" Dead Luke Record Two (7") [Sacred Bones, 2008]

"Genius Loci" Peter Stenberg Let’s Go/So Far Away
(MP3) [Merzbau, 2008]

“Asleep Within the Awake” Peonies Infinity Has No Exits (CS) [Sloow Tapes, 2008]

"X-mas at Wounded Knee" El Jesus de Magico Funeral Home Session (7") [Columbus Discount, 2007] 2:30

"Butler Hospital" Lady Doctors The World’s Lousy with Ideas Vol. 2 (7") [Almost Ready, 2008]

"Side B" AFCGT AFCGT (10") [Dirty Knobby, 2008]

"Messed Up Man" Coconut Coolouts The World is Lousy with Ideas Vol. 4 (7") [Almost Ready, 2008]

"XX Spectrum" Black Orphan Circuits (7") [UFO Dictator, 2008]

“Untitled” Lilypad Imaginary Softwoods (3xCS) [Wagon, 2008]

"Good Government" Gay Beast Disrobics (LP) [DNT, 2008]

"Baby Talk" The Suspicions The World is Lousy with Ideas Vol. 3 (7") [Almost Ready, 2008]

"Teeth" Little Women Teeth (LP one-sided) [Gilgongo, 2008]

"Untitled" Dull Knife Apophenia (CD-r) [Debacle, 2007]

mp3: Part 1 Part 2

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