Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fat Legs/Terror Tank – Split [Big Fat Noise]

This is a hyper-limited cd-r (12 copies!?) that is probably all gone never to be seen again. Although, since I’ve never heard of either of these acts until this cd-r arrived I figure there’s the off-chance you haven’t heard of them either and I’m only too happy to fill you in. This release is quick and blistering which is how I prefer my cd-rs. One track of metallic wreckage each from Fat Legs and Terror Tank.
Fat Legs strikes first. Creeping in with an oddly soothing grind of prickly pulsing drones (my apologies for the unintended tongue twister). Fat Legs seem completely content to swim around this lightly whirring pool of grainy noisethat is until a serious whale of a juggernaut of an earthquake of a jackhammer of a drum machine (or something) begins pummeling; ripping holes in your speakers, yr brain and probably the ozone layer. Seriously, holy fuck man. Even after I listened to this track over and over Fat Legs never ceased to rock me/scare the shit of out me. Utterly awesome.
So that’s quite an act for Terror Tank to followand they don’t even have the benefit of the moment it takes to flip a tape or record overbut they do a commendable job. TT shares a similar tonal palette with Fat Legs but hangs a bit looser in comparison to FL’s single-minded dynamic shifts. A dirty smog permeates the track though there’s plenty of creak, rattle and clang slipping through. The piece is anchored by a subtle but pretty melody wandering around the lower registers which is juxtaposed with some rather sizable spikes of feedback. The buzzy din snakes around a while longer before evaporating.
Anyway, as I said, good luck tracking this release down. It’s begging to be reissued as a 7inch as far as I’m concerned but I don't make the rules. Apparently there’s a Fat Legs/Family Underground release looming in the future though which is music to my ears. But, if you aren’t already, keep an eye out on both of these acts.

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Anonymous said...

Hi man, thanks for the review, i m the guy from Terrortank (actually it s a one man project recorded live direct from speaker)

i put out this release on my small label called Spread the disease
in an edition of 10, the guy from fag tapes apparently dig a second edition.

here is my contacts, i can send you more stuff if you want