Saturday, May 24, 2008

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme #22 (5/11/08)

“Untitled” The Thai Orchestra The Thai Orchestra (LP) [Mississippi, 2007]

“Semi-Streets” Sic Alps Fool’s Mag (CS) [Folding Cassettes, 2008]

“Hair-Dryer Peace” The Hospitals Hair-Dryer Peace (LP) [No Label, 2008]

“I” Chimes Chimes (3" CD-r) [Friendly Biceps, 2006]

“Time Fist” Pocahaunted Bored Fortress Split (with Charalambides) (7") [Not Not Fun, 2008]

“Uma Velha for a Feira” Os Impacto (Os Inflexos) Portuguese Nuggets, Vol. 4: the Wild 60’s Sounds (LP) [Galo de Barcelos, 2007]

“Made by Mermaids” Orphan Fairytale Split (with Pocahaunted) (7") [Release the Bats, 2008]

“Mystic Prism” White Rainbow Prism of Eternal Now (2xLP) [Marriage, 2008]

“Side A (excerpt)” John Truscinski Ash Tree (CS one-sided) [Open Mouth, 2007]

“Cocoon of Orange” Peonies Smoke for Tomorrow (CD-r) [House of Alchemy, 2008]

“Nine Questions” Car Commercials Black 93 (CS) [Fuck It Tapes, 2008]

“Moon” Khun Hia Maung Law Guitars of the Golden Circle: Folk and Pop Music of Myanmar (Burma) Vol. 2 (CD) [Sublime Frequencies, 2005]

“Side B” White Rock Tarpit (LP) [Troubleman Unlimited, 2005]

“Side A” Traum Ecke Traum Ecke (CS) [Goaty Tapes, 2008]

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Anonymous said...

Semi-Streets by Sic Alps is quite simply the best rock song I've heard in years.