Saturday, February 9, 2008

Auxiliary Out Radio Programme #11 (1/26/08)

”Untitled 2” Uton Alitaju Ylimina (LP) [Dekorder, 2007]

”Side B” Buddies Buddies (CS) [Open Mouth, 2007]

”South Fork Trinity” RV Paintings Trinity Rivers (CD) [Root Strata, 2007]

”Untitled” Pure Fetor (CD) [Freak Animal, 2007]

”Side B” Abuse Report El Diablo En Casa (CS) [Pendu Sound, 2007]

”Untitled 4” Social Junk Social Junk (CS) [JK Tapes, 2007]

”Horsehead Waltz” The One Ensemble Wayward the Fourth (CD) [Secret Eye, 2007]

”Sudden Arrhythmic Death Vol. 1” Ettrick Sudden Arrhythmic Death Vol. 1 (3” CD-r) [American Grizzly, 2006]

”Flowers of Flesh” Nadja Touched (CD) [Alien8, 2007]

mp3: part 1 part 2

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Anonymous said...

Only just had the chance to hear this. Lots of good stuff again. I really really must check out Bill Nace. Am I right in thinking there's no website for Open Mouth? Glad to hear you playing Uton (great project, one bloke, I think) and Social Junk whose Dirty Clouds Cdr I was sent as a freebie (possibly by error) and loved. Been getting into the Pendu Sound crowd too. Particularly like Ghost Moth. (I think we'll agree to differ over Najda but I'm with you on the Starving Weirdos.)