Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Auxiliary Out Inaugural Address

Hello, I have created this blog as a companion to a weekly experimental music program I'll be starting come fall on Rainydawg Radio, the University of Washington's student radio station. Eventually it will be used to post playlists, album artwork, links to artists and labels etc. but for now during these summer months before I go back to school, I will try to write about/review recent releases in the experimental underground as often as is possible. There are so many inspiring artists and labels out there doing really incredible and innovative things, that I want to do what I can to help share their work with those who aren't familiar with it, as well as, just create another place for enthusiasts to read about experimental music (or am I the only one who likes that?). At this point, a blog, a radio show and telling random people on trains about experimental music (true story) are about the only tools I have, so I am going to do what I can with those. Anyhow, that's that. Also, this will probably not sound too enticing to anyone but feel free to contact me to chat about music or whatever. I love it when music brings people together (what a great cliche that is). you can email me here: guitfiddler5000[at]gmail[dot]com
I wish a rad summer to you all

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